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Rose Elizabeth Miller

Whether your purpose be athletics, weight loss, weight gain, general health and well-being, Rose is the best in the game!

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Retrace the steps of my success story to achieve YOUR goals!

My fitness journey started a strength and conditioning coach, then Jiu Jitsu athlete, then injury which forced me to re structure my approach to training and nutrition.  Learn how I achieved the optimal body composition for my goals!

What I can do for you:

Nutrition is multi-faceted and I'm here to guide you through all of those elements

Nutrition Coaching

Learn to track your macros/micros effectively for YOUR body's needs

Lose Weight

If your goal is to lean out, Rose can get your there healthily and efficiently.

Cooking Resources

Nutrition doesn't have to be a joyless or flavorless endeavor. Get tasty recipes that fit into your plan.

Sports Nutrition

Athletic goals require specific nutrition plans. Rose walks this path herself daily and can guide you as well

Balance Body Mind

Nutrition and mental/physical workload are tied together. Learn how to make all these elements work together


Don't believe me! Talk to my success stories!

The washing machine at my parent's house broke and I don't have a job so I needed washboard abs to do my laundry. Rose got me shredded enough so I can put off being a productive member of society indefinitely!
Dude Duderson
My "dieting" consisted of celery and self-loathing before I started working with Rose. Now I eat satisfying meals and have a rockin bod!
Girl Girlson
Brain Surgeon
Before meeting Rose I was a fan of "dirty bulking". I would eat anything in sight and cut later. I much prefer Rose's reasonable nutrition programming. I feel and perform better than ever!
Susan Stronk
Body Builder